this is your year

So you're getting ready to graduate? Congratulations!! What a milestone, you've practically worked your entire life toward this step. 

Now, first things first, you need to have your senior photos taken. 

Picking your photographer is all about choosing the person who can let you be you. 

Taking photos has 10% to do with technique and 90% to do with allowing you to be who you really are. 

If you have already thought your photo shoot all the way through and you know what to wear, you've scouted out the perfect location and you've maybe picked a date... great, I am excited to talk to you and work with your ideas. 


Alicia Parks

behind the lens

Hello, my name is Alicia Parks.


Photography is my calling, my passion. It is a beautiful creative outlet that I am fortunate enough to call my profession. What I love most is telling YOUR story. It is such a special gift to give; photographs that you can cherish your whole life, then passing them onto your children's children. 

Have you ever held a photo in your hand of your grandmother, and then quietly heard the sound of her voice?

Or looked at the baby photo of your child who has gone off to college, realizing in that moment how precious time and memory are? This is why capturing these special moments and emotions are so important! 



"Alicia and her Team were absolutely amazing!"

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