Meet Alicia

Hello, my name is Alicia Parks. I am a wife and a proud mother of three children, as well as a menagerie of cats and dogs and some fish. As you can imagine I am always on the go! I spend my days photographing people and practicing Yoga. I just LOVE practicing compassion, being with people, smiling as I help them fulfill their wishes through movement and memories! My favorite days are spent at the beach, with the people I love, on warm sunny California days.

I first picked up a camera at the age of 8 and have not put one down since. The first camera I ever bought myself was a 35mm Minolta. I developed my craft while developing my own film in a dark room. While I still love the artistry of analog, I now enjoy the all the richness the digital world has to offer.

Photography is my calling, my passion. It is a beautiful creative outlet that I am fortunate enough to call my profession. What I love most is telling YOUR story. It is such a special gift to give; photographs that you can cherish your whole life, then passing them onto your children's children. 

Have you ever held a photo in your hand of your grandmother, and then quietly heard the sound of her voice?

Or looked at the baby photo of your child who has gone off to college, realizing in that moment how precious time and memory are? This is why capturing these special moments and emotions are so important! 


“Alicia was so wonderful during my wedding and took absolutely gorgeous photos! She is such a great person and I'm so thankful for all she did for us on

our special day!”