Top 5 things a bride must do the morning of her wedding day!

1) It is so important to pause and take in this beautiful day! You have spent time planning and prepping and now its here. Remember to slow down and take a deep breath, it is healing and will keep you in the present moment. There will be many times throughout this day that you should practice breathing, while you are getting ready, when writing your vows, before walking down the isle and once your hands touch.

2) When you and your girls are getting ready it is great to have a playlist so you can blast your favorite tunes, dance with your besties and have fun while everyone is getting pampered. If you have a large bridal party it could be a couple of hours for hair and makeup, make the most of it!

3) Popping open a bottle of Champagne, Sparkling Cider or your favorite celebratory drink is a must during these unforgettable moments. Sit back and relax, let your bridesmaid bring you a glass and remember to pose for that perfect toast photo!

4) As a former bride myself I know how easy it is to forget to eat, there are so many things to do and to remember... but it is so so so important to grab a bite! Give someone the job of reminding you to eat or set a timer on your cell, whatever it takes don't miss a meal today. Keeping something in your stomach will make the day much more enjoyable.

5) Most Importantly, Relax & Enjoy!!! This is YOUR day, if things are running a little behind schedule don't stress, I promise the wedding won't start without you! Take those deep breaths and Enjoy every little moment, they are precious and are a once in a lifetime thing. Let this be your best day ever!