Santa Rosa Senior Photographer

Part of the reason I love being a photographer is because I am asked to be a part of special life moments or time periods of transition. Now, while I am traditionally known as a wedding photographer, a good majority of my work during the latter part of the year is through as actually as a Santa Rosa Senior Photographer.

Getting to capture these young individuals on the brink of adulthood –– when their lives are full of so much hope, optimism and possibility –– is truly exciting. They are also appreciative of me memorializing this milestone in their life.

One of my past senior representatives, Tessa Hughes, is one that worked with me closely when she was graduating back in 2018.

“Working with Alicia was so fun. As a representative, I even got to do a shoot with my close friends at the time, which was such a special experience because in a few short months after that we would all be going our separate ways,” Hughes said. “I feel lucky that Alicia gave me the opportunity to create those memories with those people before things really changed.”

Not only do I offer friend sessions as a Santa Rosa Senior Photographer, but for their main photo sessions, the seniors have the opportunity to work with one of my make up artist friends. They are not obligated to take it, but I want to give them the opportunity to feel their best on this day too.

“I picked certain outfits for my shoot with Alicia and the artist she worked with gave me a classic makeup look that was versatile and worked with everything I chose,” Hughes said. “It also made me feel more mature and older, since it was more makeup then I traditionally wear, which I liked given the nature of the shoot.”

Also being a seasoned Santa Rosa Senior Photographer means I know all the best spots to photograph the graduates. This is proven by my yelp reviews too.

I took Elizabeth’s daughter’s senior photos last year and she graciously talked about how much she enjoyed how they turned out.

“She knew exactly where to go for the best shots. She made my daughter feel relaxed and natural. We absolutely love how the photos turned out. She was amazing! I highly recommend Alicia if you are looking for top notch professional photos,” Elizabeth said.

Knowing the angles, the looks, and how to get the subject comfortable with me and in front of the camera is only half of the job, though. Part of the fun of working with people so young is that most of them have these vibrant personalities that are rooted in youth that only this age group can possess. Making sure I capture every subjects’ different spark and pizzazz is another battle in and of itself.

This is something that Shellie noted when she left me a review on yelp after I took her daughter’s senior pictures in 2019.

“We just looked over the beautiful senior pictures that Alicia took of our daughter and we couldn't be more pleased! Alicia asked great questions to understand our daughter’s personality [and] helped to make her comfortable in front of the camera. It made for a fun day,” Shellie said. “Alicia is a true professional [and] clearly communicated all along the process; recommending settings, clothing, time for best lighting and how to choose locations of the shoot. We would highly recommend using Alicia Parks Photography.”

This was a similar sentiment shared by Jeannie from Bodega, whose son I photographed back in 2018.

“My son was not looking forward to the photo shoot but Alicia made him feel so comfortable which really shows in his photos. By having Alicia come to our home she was truly able to capture his personality with photos with his truck, dogs and cows. I would highly recommend Alicia to any mom looking for someone to make these senior memories everything you hoped for. My son also loved them!! Thank you Alicia!” Jeannie said.

I think a common misconception surrounding senior portraits is that they are just for the parents. Just like Jeannie noted, initially her son was hesitant but he ended up loving the pictures. I think this is because seniors are able to fully realize the magnitude of the milestone they are hitting.

As a Santa Rosa Senior Photographer, I take photographs for everyone because regardless of who they are, I want to help them celebrate THEMSELVES and THEIR accomplishments.

Regardless of what their plans are after high school, it is exciting that they got to this point! Relish in that! Their parents are asking for the photos because they are proud of what their child has done and where they are going, but so should the student.

“The senior pictures Alicia took of my son bring smiles and tears to my eyes every time I look at them,” Jeannie said.

I feel so fortunate to get to help share this experience with various seniors every year and if you are interested in being a representative for me, click here.


Alicia Parks