Masquerade Senior Rep Shoot Out

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Senior sessions are always fun, I absolutely love them! This year for my Class of 2020 Rep Team I wanted it to be Epic and it was! This group had fun from start to finish.

I want to share a little about being a senior Rep for those of you that are not quite sure what its all about. I choose 2-3 people from each school to represent my business, these applicants do not need a huge social media following or tons of friends, I want REAL people, I love diversity in style, look and personality. Senior Reps share photos I take on their social media platforms, they tell their friends about their experience and every time they send me a client they get a bonus! Its a great way to make new friends from other schools and get an awesome group shoot out for FREE!

Honestly I don't know why everyone doesn't sign up, yes space is limited but it doesn't hurt to apply. You are going to get your senior photos done and why not make some new friends along the way.

Class of 2020 is now booking, keep in mind if you want your photos in for the yearbook deadlines it is best to schedule by Sept 15 2019.

For this shoot out I chose Masquerade themed because I am a huge fan of The Phantom, I chose for the location, it was a perfect fit!

I want to thank my team for all their help, Colbie Fernandez is the most amazing makeup artist!

Thank you for reading,


Alicia Parks