Having to decrease your wedding size due to Covid?

There are so many Brides and Groom who have had to reduce the guest list this year, but there are ways to include friends and family who wont be able to attend in person.

The most common is virtual weddings! Many people set up a laptop and have their wedding on Zoom, Facebook live or any other live streaming app. Its a great way for your guests to feel like they are part of your big day and for you to visit with them before and after the ceremony.

As you can see on this Groom's face, he was beyond excited to chat with his siblings before he walked down the isle. And as soon as they saw him they all started to cry, emotions can be just as intense even when you aren't in person.

The other epic thing I have seen Brides and Grooms do was absolutely breathtaking! You can ask all your guests who can't attend to mail you a printed photo of themselves, then a coordinator or family member can place these framed photos in each chair, representing all the friends and family who would have attended if they were able. It is a little bit of work, but the end result is very powerful!

And of course some have postponed until mid to end of 2021, all of these are things you can think about as you continue to plan during Covid. The most important thing to think about and consider is how you want to remember your special day, is it time sensitive, do you want to be married on your planned date or would you rather wait and have your guests there physically? Either way it is YOUR day so make it the best day ever!

XOXO Alicia Parks