5 Tips for the Best Engagement Session

Tip 1

Time of day, the most important element is light. Golden hour is a photographers favorite for a reason, its BEAUTIFUL!! That means shooting at sunrise or sunset. For me sunset is best for many reasons the most important being, what girl really wants to be up at 4am to get ready for her engagement session... but honestly sunset on the west coast is a dream! I always suggest the two hours before sunset.

Tip 2

Wardrobe is a key element to a cohesive look and feel. I always suggest two outfits, one can be on the casual side and the other dressy attire. White and Black are amazing for contrast and standing out from your backdrop. Pops of color that complement your location are also a fun way to show your personality. I have wardrobe tips and images that I send all my clients to help guide them along the way.

Tip 3

Location, Although I am a Sonoma County Wedding Photographer I love traveling and finding new places to shoot, I also have a list of my "go to" favorite spots. Sometimes couples like to go to their wedding venue that way we can get a feel for where they might want their wedding portraits, and other times we choose something like private property of a family member, or maybe the location of where they first met. Having your location be something that has a special meaning is a nice touch.

Tip 4

This ones for the girls, consider professional hair and makeup, maybe this is the day you have your trial or maybe you just want to do something totally different from your wedding day hair and makeup look. Either way letting the professionals take care of it is a great way to celebrate yourself and get pampered the morning of your session.

Tip 5

Relax and Have Fun!! This is the MOST important of all my tips! I try and give my clients full service photography, giving you information and suggestions so that you are fully prepared prior to your engagement session, this way you can just enjoy your time together, relax and have fun!